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Carton is an object familiar to everyone because of its popularity and convenience in daily life. It is present in most fields, serving most of the needs in production and business. Therefore, looking for a reputable and quality carton manufacturing company in the market today must be the need of many people. One of them is PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG Trading Investment Joint Stock Company.

About the PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG carton manufacturing company

PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG Trading Investment Joint Stock Company was established and operated since 2010. This is one of the outstanding manufacturing enterprises in the Northern market. With a public scale of about 150 highly qualified technical staff, always aspire to create different values in the field of carton packaging production for packaging and transporting goods nationwide.


PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG Company specializes in manufacturing, designing and supplying carton packaging, paper boxes, cartons, packaging printing, duplex printing, offset printing, packaging and industrial auxiliary for production plants, warehouses. goods, supermarkets, etc. to serve domestic and export needs. There are also cartons of 2, 3, 5, 7 layers with different types of corrugated iron according to requirements in packing, transporting and wrapping goods.
With the mission of improving production value, bringing quality products from every process, PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG has constantly strived, improved and upgraded products to meet domestic and export demand. The company is constantly innovating, always focusing on investing in equipment, improving production services, closed lines and advanced automatic technology. With that effort, the products of PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG company have met the quality standards of ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 9001-2015.

Types of cartons produced by PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG company

With advanced technology lines, PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG company has produced a lot of quality carton products. Products include: 2-layer, 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer carton with diverse sizes and functions. In which, cartons of 3, 5 and 7 layers are common types.

3 layers carton

3-layer carton is a carton with a structure as its name implies with 3 layers of paper, in which the outer two layers are two surfaces, flat, smooth and the middle layer is corrugated A, B or E layers to help increase the capacity. bearing capacity of the barrel.
This type of box has a relatively thin and light structure, so it is suitable for packing and transporting small and light items such as consumables, cosmetics, food… People use 3-layer boxes to help save money. Cost saving because of low price but good product quality, still ensure safety during transportation.

5 layers carton

Similar to the structure of the 3-layer carton, the 5-layer carton still ensures the 3-layer structure as the 3-layer carton, but in addition, there is a layer of waves and a flat layer to help separate the 2 layers in the middle. Because of the more layered structure, the 5-layer carton is stiffer, thicker, and slightly heavier than the 3-layer carton.
With a relatively strong structure, the 5-layer carton is designed specifically for larger, heavier items or fragile items during transportation such as machinery, furniture…

7 layers carton

7-layer carton is the type of carton with the thickest structure with 7 layers including 2 outer layers, 3 corrugated layers and 2 flat layers separating the corrugated layer. The wave layers have many shapes, typically a sinusoidal shape to maximize pressure.
Because of the extremely strong structure, good resistance to force and high impact resistance, this type of box is often used to transport and pack goods that need high safety, as well as export goods to ensure safety. absolute safety.

Offset printing paper box and carton box

In addition to the three popular types of carton above, the PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG carton manufacturing company also provides carton boxes and offset printed carton boxes. These two types are still basically the same carton material as the above three types, however, this type is usually more compact in size, suitable for packaging small and light products and needs to be printed on the packaging to promote the brand. brand.


If you are in need of using cartons, then come to the PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG carton manufacturing company. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and distributing high quality carton products, this will be a prestigious address, satisfying customers, ensuring the best quality products to users.


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