What is B-corrugated carton? Application of corrugated carton

A high-quality carton box product needs to be manufactured from standard corrugated cardboard as the main raw material. And now, there are many different types of corrugated cardboard used for many different purposes. In which, b-corrugated carton is one of the most commonly used waveforms today. Thanks to its superior properties and outstanding applications.
So what is the standard size b-corrugated carton? What are the basic features and features?

Features – size of corrugated carton

In terms of appearance, b-corrugated carton and  a-corrugated carton have a certain similarity. And it’s easy to get confused if you don’t know their characteristics. Therefore, to distinguish the most correct types of corrugated carton. Then we need to first understand their characteristics. And the most detailed is to pay attention to the high wave size of each type
The material of b-corrugated paper is raw Kraft paper with thick, tough and elastic paper fiber. After forming normal paper, it will be run through a corrugated machine to form corrugated layers. Corrugated paper can also be produced by recycling old cartons or other types of paper.
carton sóng b

Effective penetration resistance

B-corrugated carton is the most important component to create the perfect properties of the carton box. The characteristic of wave B is about 2.5mm high, very thin. However, thanks to this height, different properties are created.
The wavelength density of this B-corrugated paper is 47 wavelengths per 30 cm of paper. The error is about 3 wavelengths. The property of wave B is to help the carton resist penetration as well as external forces from the outside.
Thus, if a corrugated carton is capable of uniformly dispersing force on the surface of the paper. Then the b-corrugated carton will play the role of bearing the impact force for the carton box. And this is the basic difference in physical characteristics and functions of these two types of waves

Application of corrugated cardboard

With the ability to effectively resist penetration force. B-corrugated cardboard is commonly used as a raw material for the production of high-quality cartons. Makes packing and transporting goods safer and more convenient.
To create diversity and best serve the needs of consumers. So not just a component layer of the carton box. But b-corrugated carton is also used with many different roles.
Application Description Image
Ordinary carton Most popular
The long side lids touch each other when closing the case
thùng carton
Carton with long lid The long and wide top lids meet in the center of the barrel. Helps the wide side cover to fit snugly to form a flat surface like a carton liner thùng carton nắp dài
Carton box with removable lid The lid closes 1 end, 1 the other end uses a removable cover hộp carton nắp rời
Cardboard lining Available in square or rectangular shape. used to line goods tấm lót carton
Cardboard wall Prevent products and reduce collisions in transit vách carton
With such diverse applications. So type b corrugated carton is considered as a versatile material. Efficient service for high quality  carton making process.
Products manufactured from b-corrugated carton components will often have high strength. And extremely good penetration resistance. Therefore, they are used to pack goods that require good preservation.
B-corrugated cartons are used in a variety of applications such as packaging confectionery, beer, soft drinks, preserving electronic components, accessories, cosmetics, etc.
Advantages and disadvantages of corrugated cardboard
On the market today, there are many types of A, B, C and E corrugated cartons. Each type has its own characteristics and features. Used for different purposes. Make sure it is suitable for each type of wave
And not simply because of its effective penetration resistance. But b-corrugated carton is so commonly used. Surely this type of wave also possesses many other outstanding and outstanding features. Only can help them assert their role where they are today

1/ Outstanding advantage

Why is there a b-wave component in almost all carton products? And here are their advantages. Help you answer this question in detail
+ The B wave is thin but can resist penetrating forces very well. At the same time, it also helps to prevent the products from being affected by external forces.
+ B-corrugated cardboard is not thick, so it is easy to produce small sized boxes. Serving the needs of packaging small-sized goods such as watches, lipsticks, necklaces…
kích thước sóng carton b

Wave b has many outstanding advantages

+ B-corrugated carton can also be easily combined with other waves to create stronger and thicker 5-layer products.
The product is easy to reuse and recycle. Completely friendly, no pollution to the environment. Especially without affecting the health of consumers
+ Flexible in use: Wave B is manufactured with many suitable waves to create the right size carton box.
+ Very light weight: In general, carton paper has a very small volume. It only falls around 150-300g/m2. Thanks to that, users can easily carry the product to many places.
+ Low investment cost: The investment cost for carton packaging is very low because corrugated paper is very cheap. With only a few thousand dong, you get a carton packed with many protection possibilities.

2/ Disadvantages

However, besides the advantages, it is the same as other carton products. B-corrugated paper will also have certain limitations that users should note when using
+ Flammable, flammable: This is probably the disadvantage that almost any material made of paper also suffers. Because as we all know, paper is such a material that is extremely flammable.
Therefore, b-corrugated cardboard is quite flammable. Therefore, to preserve the best products, you should not leave them in places with fire or high temperature. To avoid damage and fire

nhược điểm carton sóng

+ Hydrophobicity: Water is also one of the strong points of corrugated cardboard b. Because when it comes to water, the product will be easily broken and lose its form. Especially, it no longer has the same physical properties as the original. And lose bearing capacity.
Therefore, when preserving products. You should keep it in a cool place. Avoid dampness and mildew. That way, the product will last longer
Despite these two basic disadvantages, but with the above outstanding advantages. B-corrugated cardboard has always played an important role in the field of high-quality cartons.
Above is the basic information and the most outstanding features of corrugated carton b. Also, if you have any questions about the product. Or need to order quickly. Please contact our hotline immediately for advice and quick support
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