What is a cardboard box? The great applications that cartons bring in practice

Cardboard boxes are probably an item quite familiar to us in daily life. We can easily see it everywhere, especially in packaging and transporting goods. But has anyone studied it carefully, as well as its applications in life? Please follow and learn about this useful item in the following article!

What is a cardboard box?

Carton or commonly known as cardboard paper (carton paper) is a type of paper produced to serve the packaging of products. Carton is made up of layers of paper, corrugated, usually at least 2 layers of paper and one layer of corrugated, at most about 9 layers and 4 layers of paper.


Cardboard boxes also have a familiar name, carton boxes. Carton boxes usually have 6 sides, each side is a carton board. We can easily see, and the most used is the carton with 5 layers, or 7 layers. 9-layer crates are often used to store products and heavy items.
How many types of cartons are there?
Because everyone’s needs are different and diverse, carton boxes are also produced in a variety of ways to meet those needs of everyone. Normally, carton boxes are classified into the following basic types:
According to structure: with different paper and corrugated layers such as 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer, 9-layer type (6-layer, 7-layer type is used quite a lot, more popular than the rest)

By function: confectionery, clothing, necessities, shoes, machinery, electronic devices, household appliances, ..
According to the size of the box: size 5, 20, 10, …..

Application of cartons in practice

We can see cardboard boxes everywhere with many different uses and applications. Let’s take a look at a few great applications of cartons in practice as follows:
In shipping
To facilitate the arrangement of goods on the vehicle, they can be stacked to help reduce the storage area. We can easily check the information of the goods to help manage the goods more effectively. This is an optimal way to protect goods from being bumped, damaged when transporting, arranging, .. at a low cost.

Brand promotion

Cardboard boxes are also effective in brand advertising. When businesses print the information on the boxes, consumers will easily identify the brand, as well as the business. Not only that, thanks to that, the brand also easily imprints itself in the minds of customers.

Contain goods

It is not only when we transport that we use cartons. Even in daily life we can also use this item. We can use it to pack products and items that we don’t need or don’t need… Contains documents and essentials to help keep the space neater. And protect everyday items from dirt, for example.

Advantages and disadvantages of carton boxes


  • Create convenience when moving, loading and unloading goods from one place to another.
    Save space and space when arranging goods and furniture in the house.
    Easily recycled and reused, helping to protect the environment.
    Paper surface can easily print, note information about goods and products.
    Affordable price.
    Easily degradable, environmentally friendly.


  • Because it is made of paper, it is easy to absorb water.
    Poor elasticity, can be torn if you put too many goods, products and items.
    Poor heat resistance, burnt, deformed when encountering high temperature because the product is made of paper.

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Through the information about the carton, we can easily see that this is an item that brings a lot of convenience to us, which is applied quite a lot in daily life. Not only that, it is also environmentally friendly, so if you need an object to store goods, you should not miss this item.


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