What is 5-layer carton? Why should use 5-layer carton in practice?

One of the most commonly used products today is cartons. This is a product with many uses as well as an affordable price. Currently, there are many types of cartons to choose from such as: 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer, ..
In particular, 5-layer carton is a product that many people care about and trust. So what features does it have? How to use this kind of carton? Let us learn more about this product through the following article.

What is 5 layers carton?

The box is made of carton paper with 5 layers structure. Which consists by 2 outer layers and 3 inner layers. This product is used in the packaging of goods, machinery, fragile equipment, … This type of carton is capable of transporting items of large weight and volume.






This is one of the most sought after products. Because the 5-layer carton not only preserves fragile and valuable items well, but also has extremely low costs. Besides, you can also search for 3-layer or 7-layer carton depending on your needs.
Why should use 5-layer carton in practice?
It is no coincidence that it is chosen by many people. Here are the good reasons that you should not ignore this type of barrel in practice. The purpose of using the box is different, depending on whether the users are businesses, companies or individual customers.

With businesses, companies

5-layer paper cartons are commonly used in the production packaging process. In addition, the box is also used to promote the product. Many manufacturers have printed and decorated their own images, logos and brands on the surface of the box to attract buyers. From there, the brands of companies and businesses will be recognized by users more easily. .

With each customer

In addition to preserving goods and dry products, but also used to transport furniture when cleaning, moving house, … Besides, we can use cartons to store decorations, give gifts. . You can even make decorative handmade items without spending any money.

Carton classification 5 layers

Single corrugated 5-layer carton

  • It is simply understood that the carton uses only a certain type of wave. There are many different types of waves, including:
    Corrugated box type A:  This is corrugated paper A with a height of 4.7mm. This corrugated carton has extremely good resistance to dispersion throughout the surface of the paper.
    Type B corrugated box: This type of wave has a thickness of about 2.5mm., with the number of waves over 30cm is 47+/-3. This type of barrel has high strength and good penetration resistance.
    Type C corrugated crate: The thickness of this corrugated board is 3.6mm with the number of waves over 30cm being 39+/-3. Although it has good force dispersion, it is not as good as type A wave.
    Type E corrugated box: the barrel thickness is quite thin, with only 1.5mm. Therefore, this type of box is only suitable for light and thin items.

5-layer double corrugated box

Double waves are composed of different types of single waves. From there, it forms a 5-layer paper carton with many different types of waves such as: BA, BC, BE, EA, CE, …

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 5-layer carton?


  • Ensure the goods are intact, avoid collisions, internal losses during transportation.
    Save manpower in the process of carrying goods.
    Maximize cost savings because this is a very cheap barrel compared to other types.
    Can decorate, print to create accents right at the surface of the barrel.
    Easy to write and paste information, convenient to identify the box because it is mainly made of paper.
    Environmental protection, reusable and biodegradable everywhere


  • Although there are 5 layers, the strength and bearing capacity is not as high as the 3-layer barrel.
    Easy to collide, distort during transportation if not carefully and carefully preserved.
    Flammable when in direct contact with fire.
    In environments with high humidity, 5-layer paper cartons are prone to mold, water absorption or tearing.

The address that specializes in providing the most prestigious 5-layer carton box today

Currently, 5-layer cartons are not difficult to find everywhere. However, to find a reputable supplier of cartons is something that makes many people wonder, because on the market today, there have been many shops selling fake, poor quality cartons but the cost is very high. . So you should look for reputable stores and check carefully before buying.

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Above is all the information about what is 5-layer carton. At the same time, we have helped you have more objective views in choosing this type of barrel in your life. Hope you will find the right type of carton to protect the environment and your own life.
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