High quality 5-layer carton

5-layer carton is one of the carton packaging types with quite good thickness. With a completely superior 5-layer carton thickness specification, this type of carton has quickly become extremely popular in practical applications today.
So with 5 layers of standard carton, what are the outstanding features of 5-layer carton packaging products? Especially, what is the price of cartons and other 5-layer cartons? Which supplier address is the most reputable and professional today?

What is 5-layer carton?

English 5-layer carton is  5 layers carton. This is a product manufactured from the main ingredient of carton packaging. This type of 5-layer carton is produced on Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Thai paper…  5-layer carton is usually produced to pack goods, furniture, machinery… with volume and weight. pretty huge.

5 layers carton structure

The structure of a 5-layer paper carton includes 1 layer between 2 layers of waves, 2 outside and 2 sides of sine wave.
With a silk screen printed cardboard box composed of 3 layers of gold + 2 layers of waves
With 5-layer offset-printed carton box is 1 layer of duplex + 2 layers of gold + 2 layers of BE or BC, or BB…



Outer layer (face layer)

This is the outermost paper layer of the carton, so the type of paper used for this layer will be the best glossy type such as: white paper, yellow paper, brown paper. Can print logos, colors to promote the brand with many different paper materials.
Normal dosing 220 – 285LBS.

Middle class

This is a layer that has the function of linking 2 wave layers together. So the carton paper used for this layer is soft and tough because it does not need to bear much force. The weight of the middle layer is usually around 135-185LBS.

2 Layers of Waves

Consists of 1 layer between the surface layer and the middle layer, 1 layer between the bottom layer and the middle layer. The corrugated layer acts as a bearing layer to help prevent impacts for the 5-layer carton. Depending on the needs of use and the bearing capacity of the goods, we will choose wave class A, B, C, E or combined wave BC, BA, BE, CE or EA.

Bottom layer

As the bottom layer is also the layer in direct contact with the goods, so it is usually soft and has good elasticity. The paper used in this layer is usually paper or normal paper.
Normally, 5-layer cartons are usually used BE corrugated layer. However, for fragile products, the 5-layer carton uses the BC corrugated layer. The difference from the structure of 5-layer cartons is that they are much stronger and thicker than 3-layer cartons. The inner and outer layers of 5-layer carton packaging are designed and manufactured to be extremely sturdy. Secure storage and transportation.

Classification of 5-layer carton packaging

5-layer carton is divided into 2 types mainly based on the corrugated layers that customers can choose. As follows:



5 layers single corrugated carton

This is a type of carton with a pure structure of one type of wave, which is wave A, B, C or E. That is, using 2 layers of the same type of wave.
Height of each layer of thick corrugated paper number of waves per 30cm Strength
5-layer corrugated cardboard box A 4.7mm 33+/-3 Good dispersion resistance over the entire surface of the paper
5 layers corrugated paper carton 2.5mm 47+/-3 high penetration resistance
5 layers corrugated paper carton 3.6mm 39+/-3 Good resistance to surface dispersion but not as good as A .-corrugated carton
5-layer corrugated paper carton E 1.5mm 90+/-3 Very thin box, usually used to hold light objects.

5 layers double corrugated carton

Height of each layer of thick corrugated paper Strength
5 layers corrugated BC . carton 5.4 – 7.0 mm meet the barrel thickness and high bearing capacity.
5 layers AB corrugated carton  7.4 – 7.7 mm Meet the optimal bearing capacity and improve the quality of the carton.
BCE . corrugated 5 layer carton 6.4 – 8.8 mm has extremely high bearing capacity, applied to transport extremely heavy goods
Depending on each specific item as well as the needs of the customer, choose the type of corrugated paper carton. For light items, using 5-layer cartons for regular shipping can use corrugated B, C, or B/C to save costs.
For items that require extremely high product protection, strict packaging standards such as large weight items, fragile goods, high value goods, it is recommended to use types AB, BC, BCE to make sure.
Each corrugated layer of this 5-layer carton has a different standard of corrugated board . Depending on different user needs, people can choose other wave classes.


The carton sizes are very diverse, depending on the characteristics of each product such as: shape, size, weight. To choose the correct carton size, suitable for your product, you rely on 3 parameters: length x width x height of the product.

The commonly used 5-layer carton sizes today are:

Long( cm) Wide ( cm) Height( cm)
35 20 20
40 30 30
40 30 40
45 35 25
50 40 35
50 40 40
30 30 15
39 24 15
34 18 18
39 24 15
30 30 15
In which there are 2 standard sizes that are commonly used and most commonly used today are:
Carton 50x50x50: used to pack airline cargo with light weight, small and compact items.
Carton 60x40x40: also used to pack goods away but with heavy weight.
Other parameters
Usually, 5-layer cartons are made from imported paper from Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and even Vietnam.
Parameter Value
Color white, yellow, brown
Specifications Produce custom box sizes
Quantitative paper on request g/m2.
Barrel style on request (usually folding cartons, removable lids)
Types of crates 1 gold 4 xeo, 2 gold 3 xe0, 3 gold 2 xeo
Paperback dplex – kraft As required
Lamination matt – glossy Create a luxurious, high-class feeling, increase waterproofing


Currently, 5-layer cardboard cartons are often produced to pack goods, furniture, and machinery with large volume & weight. Items with a cargo weight of 15kg – 50kg or used as linings and partitions for products.
Normally, with normal 5-layer cartons, BE waves will be used to reduce costs, the most compatible. But if you carry fragile or valuable goods, the BC wave will be applied.



Some uses of 5-layer cartons are:
Packing garments, furniture, electronics…
Out-of-the-box packing, protection from bumps and damage
Packaging for seafood industry: packing boxes for frozen goods, …
Containers for fruits and agricultural products for export
Old boxes can be reused to pack bowls, chopsticks, porcelain, glass when moving house, moving office.
Application in the transportation of goods with high weight, high standards
5-layer corrugated cardboard is often used by businesses and manufacturing companies to pack furniture, machinery, office items, household appliances, etc. .
Especially, foreign enterprises with manufacturing or trading factories in Vietnam love to use this type of box in transportation. These can be mentioned as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, …
Some fields of application of 5-layer carton with items with high requirements:
Heavy and fragile items such as televisions, refrigerators, electronic components, motorbikes, cars, etc.
High-class interior and exterior items: chairs, tables…
Construction items such as: high-grade bricks.
Used to pack goods to the US, transport goods by plane…
Application in ship cod, small carton box for goods
In addition, 5-layer carton is also used in shipping COD, common items with high quality requirements such as:
Food, dry agricultural products for export
Liquid and fragile items such as wine, fish sauce, etc.
There are many different types of 5-layer cartons, depending on the needs, quality and wishes of customers. But in general, the 5-layer cardboard box is still reasonably priced, while ensuring product protection, impact resistance and scratches.

What is 5-layer carton packaging used for?

5-layer carton with friendly characteristics, environmental protection. Should often be used in the packaging of goods, furniture, machinery, … large in weight as well as volume. Currently, 5-layer cartons are also used for packaging many types of goods such as garments, furniture, food, leather shoes, electronics, fruits…
Not only that, 5-layer carton packaging can also make decorations, very convenient gift boxes. Helps to avoid collisions, damage to goods when sending far away.

1/ 5 layers carton sheet

5-layer carton is one of the outstanding products of 5-layer carton packaging. This type of sheet has the same basic 5-layer structure as a 5-layer carton.
In particular, with 2 layers of flat, smooth outer surface and absolutely absolute hardness. Often used to make partitions in cardboard boxes. Because with the standard corrugated layers, the carton has the role of preventing the impact of the goods packed in the carton. Minimize breakage when moving or having external forces.

5 layers carton sheet

And with this thickness, the 5-layer carton will also be used as a partition in the 5-layer carton. Ensure the best compatibility and quality for the product.

2/ 5 layers carton

In terms of appearance, it will probably make many people easily confused between cardboard and carton. That’s right, because the 5-layer carton also has 5 main layers. With 2 layers of flat, smooth outer surface.
However, the most obvious difference there is that the 5-layer carton is more rigid than the carton. With such absolute rigidity, the type of carton is often used for the production and packaging of goods with a large volume and weight.
High hardness 5-layer carton
In particular, the 5-layer carton is the perfect combination of standard corrugated layers. Offers outstanding impact and puncture resistance. Making it simpler, more convenient and faster in the process of packing and transporting goods.


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