The address for producing cartons in Hai Duong has a reputation for quality

Cardboard boxes are now applied to many things in our lives. With advanced technology developing, cartons are also produced with the most sophisticated and quality workmanship. Let’s find out which carton manufacturing address in Hai Duong is the most prestigious and best quality!

What are the roles of cartons?

They are used to pack products, transport them easily. Once the product has been packed into the carton, we can check the goods more conveniently. Made from cardboard, they are completely recyclable, reusable or biodegradable in any environment.

Cartons also play the role of a cheap effective advertising medium. Information about the company, brand, logo, slogan can all be printed on the box and spread to customers. Carton production in Hai Duong will help you with that.
Another unique use of carton boxes is that they can be used to make toys for babies. Old cardboard boxes can be cut and pasted into cute little toy houses for little angels, or cleverly transformed into picture frames, unique decorations for the house, and pet shelters.

Sorting cartons while producing cartons at sea

Carton box production facility in Hai Duong, all types of cartons are carefully classified according to different standards.

Sort by wave height
The stages of carton production in Hai Duong produce the main wave that creates the grooves and winding circles of the Carton paper.

Wave A: 4.7 mm corrugated paper – A-corrugated paper withstands good dispersion forces over the entire surface of the paper.
Wave B: 2.5mm corrugated paper – B-corrugated paper withstands high penetrating force.
Wave C: Height from 3.5-4.5mm – C sheet paper has good surface dispersion strength but not as good as A wave.
E-wave: 1.5mm corrugated board – commonly used for light containers.

Sort cartons by number of layers

Carton production in Hai Duong will be classified according to the number of layers of the carton, including: 2 layers, 3 layers, 5 layers and 7 layers.

2-layer carton: 2-layer carton is a type of carton with 1 layer of face paper and 1 layer of corrugated paper
3-layer carton: 3-layer carton will have 2 flat layers and 1 corrugated layer in the middle.
5-layer carton: 5-layer carton is a type of carton that will have 2 layers of paper and 2 layers of alternating waves.
7-layer carton: 7-layer carton is similar with alternating layers of corrugated and flat paper.
Classification based on box structure
At the carton manufacturing facility in Hai Duong, there are many types of cartons classified by structure. However, there are some popular types that are popular such as: Ordinary cartons; dead-hole carton; crates with lids, without lids; carton with full lid. Each type of carton will have its own utility, the carton manufacturing facility will meet certain needs of customers.

Carton production process in the ocean

Carton production line in North Truong Son with machine size 1800mm, machine capacity 120m long/min, made in Taiwan, China; 02 5-color and 3-color Flexo printers, large format, printing speed of 180 products/minute, made in Taiwan.
In addition, there are also a number of auxiliary machines such as: box stapling machine, box sealing machine, automatic packing machine and quality testing equipment such as: impact, burst, compressive strength, box testing machine. carton is applied quality management process ISO 9001: 2008


  • Carton production in North Truong Son with modern machinery system, automation achieves stable capacity, always ensures orders are delivered on time and achieves the best quality.
    Materials are carefully selected from reputable suppliers at home and abroad, thus ensuring stable packaging quality.
    Professional production process, achieve high efficiency and ensure timely response for large orders.
    Professional technician team, enthusiastic customer care consultant team, perfect after-sale service
    Paper cartons made from carton factory in Hai Duong have extremely reasonable and competitive prices. In particular, there are always preferential policies for large and regular orders.
    Cartons not only act as a container, but also carry the idea of ​​protecting the environment, making our lives more scientific. Please refer to the above article and note for yourself the reputable and quality carton manufacturing address in Hai Duong!
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