Make custom cartons

Do you have an idea to make carton samples according to your own style and brand?
Are you worried because you have not found a suitable production unit, or are you afraid that the design and printing costs are too large? Are those cartons durable?
If your questions and concerns are still unanswered, please come to us, Bac Truong Son company specializes in producing carton packaging with the best quality, reasonable price will surely make you satisfied. .

Carton is currently being used in preference to gradually and replace different types of packaging by its applications. Moreover, a special point is also its biggest priority that anyone who uses it is interested in it’s environmentally friendly features compared to similar products.
Cartons are not only a tool to hold large applications or furniture during transportation, but also an effective communication tool to promote your brand, promote your products and services to more customers. . With your own brand logos or colors on the box, it will help customers remember your brand more and more.

Each carton box sold and printed is many times your brand is promoted to customers. So have you ever found out how the process to produce 1 carton is?
Let’s find out interesting information right below.

Carton production process

To produce a good and highest quality carton, the first factor that manufacturers need to pay attention to is input materials and paper.
Here, Bac Truong Son will share 6 standards in the production process of 1 standard and quality carton.
Knowing the carton manufacturing process, you will also have the insight to choose which type of carton to suit your needs.
Step 1: Choose ingredients:

The choice of input paper is very important in the production and carton making process. When buying cartons, you should also know a few criteria to be able to choose a good and suitable type such as:
How much paper? High or low (the higher the quantity, the harder the paper and the higher the quality)
How many layers of paper? Types of waves?
Origins and colors.
Step 2: How to close the carton
The carton specification is that we will choose the size for the carton.


You choose the box type: A1 crate, closed box, jutting lid, hip open crate, or yin and yang crate…
Each type of barrel has different methods and parameters.
Therefore, the rules and implementation methods will also be different.
The size of the carton will tell the products and goods contained within it.
For example: Wooden furniture products, often have a high length or weight.
Therefore, when making these cartons, they must have large sizes.


Many businesses want to make one-piece carton or two-piece carton.
Depending on the type, there will be different ways to do it. And the carton making is almost the same.
But the 2-piece carton is more sophisticated, with additional costs in terms of joints, pins and strength.

Step 3: Cut the paper

After selecting the input paper material, measuring the dimensions, the technical department will enter the parameters on the machine and proceed to cut the paper.
In order to cut properly, the technical staff will adjust the parameters on the paper machine.
Then the paper picker will run out the sheets of paper cut according to the carton size that the customer needs.

Step 4: Printing

After cutting the paper, the next step is that the manufacturer will print the information you require on the paper.
This stage is for you to bring information about your business to everyone.
Besides, you can also promote your products if you want to print pictures of the products on the box.
This is also a form to help you PR yourself with images on the carton packaging.

Step 5: Staple and tape

This stage is almost the last stage before the product is released and delivered to the consumer.

Step 6: Check and ship the goods
After completing all the stages, the production department will check again to see if there are any mistakes.
After checking and completing all the steps, we just need to put them back and store them in the warehouse.
After that, they will transport and deliver the goods to the customer according to the original signed order.
Above is the whole process of making cartons and producing according to customer requirements. If you have production and order needs, please contact the following address:
Bac Truong Son Trade Investment Co., Ltd
Phone number: 02203.786,678
Hotline: 0918.136.768
Email: bactruongson@gmail.com
Address: Lai Cach Industrial Park – Lai Cach TT – Cam Giang – Hai Duong (Opposite the gate of Dai An Industrial Park – Hai Duong)
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