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Hero carton is being widely used in many fields. Especially a5 carton, because with the size of a5 paper, it is often used to store small and medium items, which is very convenient to store and move.

Learn about A5 . carton

What is A5 carton?

A5 carton is a type of carton made from cardboard. Therefore, this type of barrel has many types with different thickness. Specifically it can be made from 3 layers, 5 layers or 7 layers of cardboard.
However, because the box is not too large, it holds small and medium items, so its weight is not much. Therefore, a5 carton usually has 3-layer carton which is the most common. The case of 5-layer and 7-layer cartons is also available but not as common.
thùng giấy carton a5
                                                                              Thùng giấy carton a5

Features and dimensions of A5 . carton

A5 cartons are produced on modern production lines. Therefore, the product is usually sturdy, has good impact resistance and is very durable, so when using it, you don’t have to worry about it breaking. The a5 carton box is about the same size as a5 paper meaning it is usually   148 x 210mm.
With a 3-layer carton, a5 is usually composed of 3 layers: 2 flat, smooth paper sides on both sides, in the middle is corrugated layer A, B, C, E with different thickness depending on the manufacturer. Thanks to this layer of corrugated paper, the carton box can be supported, helping to store the product easily. Prevent impact, reduce impact force during transportation.
đặc điểm thùng carton a5
                                              Thùng giấy carton A5 có các kích thước: 3 lớp, 5 lớp, 7 lớp

Advantages of A5 . carton

Product protection, storage, transportation

The first advantage of a5 carton is product protection. Thanks to the cardboard with corrugated layer, it helps to minimize the impact force from the outside. Thus protecting the product during transportation. Or store the product away from the effects of the environment very well.
ứng dụng thùng a5
                                                                     Bảo vệ, lưu trữ hàng hóa dễ dàng

Brand promotion

Carton box a 5 is made from carton board so it is easy to print on the surface of the carton. Therefore, when using product containers, companies, shops or print images. Product information, slogan on the box to promote your brand to consumers.
In addition, it also contributes to the aesthetics of the carton. Create a highlight on the product when it reaches the customer.
ưu điểm thùng carton a5
                                                                Print and advertising on the box is very sharp

Convenience, environmental protection

A5 carton box has compact size, very convenient to arrange, easy to store and transport. The lid of the box is designed to be easy to open, extremely convenient when you want to get the product. In addition, the product is made from paper, which can be effectively recycled or reused, which is friendly to the environment and human health.

ưu điểm hộp giấy carton


Types of A5 . cartons

There are many styles of A5 cartons, but generally there are 4 common carton styles as follows:

1/Common carton

A5 ordinary carton has a lid on the box that is open and touches each other in the middle of the box when packing. This is one of the most commonly used cartons today. Because the lid on the box is open, it is necessary to use adhesive tape to seal the box when packing.

thùng carton thông thường

2/Yin and yang cartons

A5 carton designed with yin and yang is a box consisting of 2 parts:   a negative part is called the bottom and a positive part covers the outside of the negative part called the lid.
This type of box has a large area but is limited in height. The positive part of the barrel is often made wider than the negative part to make it easier to cover the lid. In addition, the yin and yang barrel will be designed with additional ears (two holes) on both sides to facilitate movement.

hộp carton âm dương

3/ Pork lid

A5 carton with jutting lid is a type of carton made of long lids, also known as 2 wings that overlap when packing. Cartons with flaps help to increase the strength of the box and protect the products and goods inside. Avoid external influences during transportation.

thùng carton nắp chồm

4/Carton with removable lid

A5 carton with removable lid is this type of carton with a lid closed at one end, and the other end uses a removable lid. Cartons with removable lids can be opened and closed frequently. Cartons with removable lids are the ideal choice for file storage, or shoe business, gift boxes… Works to help keep products and goods inside fixed to ensure that the transportation process does not cause damage. product damage.

thùng carton nắp rời

5/ Containers

The die box is a form of carton in which a die is used to make holes with different sizes and positions that fit inside the carton. Die die is a type of mold designed to perform the tasks of cutting grooves and rolling lines for the die box. Usually, there are two types of die molds:
+ Square die: Has a simple structure of alternating squares in a box. To perform hole punching by manual method.
+ Round die: It is a combination of a wooden board, 18mm thick and a cutting blade. The blade creates cuts and corrugations for the die.

thùng bế

Where to buy quality A5 cartons – cheap?

A5 carton is an indispensable element in the process of packing, storing and transporting goods. So important and necessary, the problem of choosing to buy quality cartons is that you need to find out carefully before buying cartons.
Bac Truong Son is one of the carton packaging manufacturers with more than 10 years of experience. Specializing in supplying A5 cartons, which are trusted by many customers for the quality of products that are always number 1 with the most preferential prices today.

công ty sản xuất bao bì bắc trường sơn


Paper materials are carefully tested for quality before being put into production by good experts of the North Truong Son. In addition, the paper weight is high, making the thickness of the carton large, making the quality of the carton better.
Special closed production line, automation technology – especially, large machine size. This makes the carton quality always the highest. When buying at North Truong Son, you will enjoy many high preferential policies, the main exchange when encountering damaged or defective products.
Especially, you will enjoy the most favorable price on the market and get prompt delivery when you place your order.
For more information, please contact our 24/7 hotline:  0918.136.768
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