Carton box for shoes with cheap price in Hai Duong

Carton box for shoes is one of the most used and bought items because shoes are a frequently used consumable item. Especially for those who do online business in fashion items such as shoes and clothes, the need to use carton boxes is even more.
However, to buy a carton box for shoes at a reasonable price, you should choose a reputable supplier like Bac Truong Son.

The carton box for shoes of Bac Truong Son is usually made from 3-layer carton shoes. With popular wave layers such as wave B, wave C or wave A. The material of the carton box is tested for quality right from the input of raw materials. So make sure the box produced is quality standard.

Shoe box size

The size of the shoe box is very diverse depending on the shoe size of both adults and children. But usually will be divided into 3 main types. For example: men’s shoe box, women’s shoe box and children’s shoe box…

Women’s shoe box size

The usual women’s shoe box will have a standard size of 28x16x10 cm. However, to make sure to fit all sizes from small to large; they will also produce slightly larger sizes. That’s 28x16x11 cm.


With the optimal size, these shoe boxes will make the packaging, delivery and storage of shoes convenient, fast and intact.
About materials as well as specific parameters include: Type 1 carton shoes have good bearing capacity. Shoe wave is wave B or C to help create a sturdy box form and improve the protection ability of the shoe box.

Men’s shoe box size

Men’s shoe box size 33x20x12.5cm fits all sizes of men’s shoes. Products with high quality 3-layer carton shoes are strictly tested from the beginning.
Design standards are made according to the standards of shoe boxes of major brands such as Nike or adidas. This size is not only suitable for sports shoes but also other types of shoes such as western shoes, loafers…
The box is structured by B or C waves to help resist forces from outside to inside; at the same time creating stiffness and thickness for the carton box. The very durable box makes packing, transporting and storing shoes extremely convenient and absolutely safe.

Quotation of carton box for shoes at wholesale price

Ordinary wholesale carton boxes will be purchased or ordered by organizations in large quantities and often. Therefore, the price will be much softer than the retail carton box.
The quotation of carton box for shoes at wholesale price of Bac Truong Son will follow the process. We will send a quote via email, then proceed to negotiate. Depending on the quantity to be able to discount % from retail price down.
It can be said that the price of shoe boxes is very diverse because there are many different suppliers. The reason is because they have different characteristics from discount policy to shipping policy…
If you want to import in bulk, the cost will be much cheaper than if you buy individually. For more information about ordering, please contact the following address and information.
Bac Truong Son Trade Investment Co., Ltd
Phone number: 02203.786,678
Hotline: 0918.136.768
Email: bactruongson@gmail.com
Address: Lai Cach Industrial Park – Lai Cach TT – Cam Giang – Hai Duong (Opposite the gate of Dai An Industrial Park – Hai Duong)
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